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A pretty fun game, with a cool horror twist! I want to see how fast I can do though, without dying of course. 

My current record is 7:09.17 but i can definitely go faster!


  • New PB of 3:57.64 
  • Just got 3:21.95 ! (I'm pretty sure sub 3 minutes is possible, but hard)

Interesting game, not certain it's actually winnable. The more progress I make, the faster the monster (looks like a lamprey?) attacks. I believe I have the steps figured out but I can't quite complete them. I do a few and then leave and I'm fine. I do them one after another and I die. For those interested, here's my steps so far:

giga-chad moment


thx for the instructions, the game was perfectly beatable i think you just need to hold still and stop typing when the monster appears

Ok, that's embarrassing. Unravel all the puzzles and still fail to understand that I'm trying to hide here.




hello your game seem pretty cool but i can't type number in the cmd or use anything other than letter, i have a azerty keyboard for information, did i miss something in the game ?

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Kinda sad the author never got back to you. You have to spell it out; don't type 1, type one.

Probably gonna do a full walkthrough. This one seems to be right up my alley.