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The whole time I was playing I had a huge sense of deja vu like I had played all of this before... didn't even notice the Alphaland credit until after I finished! Quite a fun game, 7.2/10

I was enjoying it until the upside down part. Imo that part is way too difficult and just ends up softlocking anyone who can't complete it.

I lost 99% of my will to live playing your game. Pretty cool.

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Is there a way to save game state?

gran juego pero debo decir q el jefe final me hiso romper la mesa y no me gusta romper la mesa jefe qliao difícil malo wn bastardo de mierda ojala que no se que pero le deseo todo lo malo del mundo jefe sobreexsageradamente difícil 

I gotta agree, compared to everything before it that final oss isway too strong.
having it like 3-4 million hitpoints would have been enough :-)

just beat it. Damn that final boss with his phases was hard! :O

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The final boss was too much... I think it was too difficult and it ruined the game (a great game)... anyway I defeated him but the end was completely nosense. Good job anyway!

Works great until I get to the room with the green arrow elevator. Really challenging so far! Good job!


Niice. Perfect entry for a "buggy" game. Real scary too :)


Winrawr I found you on the VimLark stream and loved your game, now that I had the chance to play it up I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, the simple style, the playability even the super-hard boss, and then the little easter eggs here and there (I found 2 of them so far) I'm absolutely in love with this, you can definitely turn it into a full-fleshed game and it will probably become a success like VVVVV.

Keep the good work!

there were easter eggs? :O

For me there were a few, on some areas where you can fall (and you probably didn't) there are hidden messages for the player from the boss, it was just awesome when I found them.

this is really cool!

This Game is really awesome and the concept is super duper cool. Really enjoyed this simple platformer turning into dark, I first thought my pc got broke and I was really worried only mouse was working lol, you had me :-)

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