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that was really cool! i got 2 endings (both of which i wont spoil) and the ending part in general just blew my mind! well done!

Wait there's multiple endings?

That can't be the ending!

Just release my 2nd 3 Scary Games video, and this game is the first one! I really liked the puzzles and Clockhart's design. By the way, I don't know if it was just for me but the downloaded version didn't work correctly. I couldn't see my mouse in-game, and it wasn't capturing properly for OBS. Was still able to play it on the browser version though.

Anyway, here's the video:

Cool game. What game engine is this made on

It is the best game I ever played 1000000000000/1000000000000


This was a very cool game. I loved everything about it. The puzzles were great and so was the story. 10/10

To create a game in seven days and to create it by yourself- that is amazing and just goals! I really enjoyed playing this game a lot, the sounds in this have to be my favourite as it gave an eerie vibe to it and the mechanics where you can change what days you travel is a neat idea! You've done a great job with this! Keep creating great video games and that I wish you all the best! :D


What a really well-done little game!

Simone's story made me sad tho


this game was very fun to play, it had a puzzle that you have to solve and it's a bit spooky and scary. It took me forever to find out what the password to the elevator was, over all this game was one of my favorite game's I ever played.


Nice one!

Interesting game mechanic

a great short game. i love the puzzles.


i loved the game. it's short, but doing the little puzzles definitely made me satisfied.

noice game i loved it, but its kinda short


Fantastic little game. Would have actually loved to see much more of it. The calendar mechanic was pretty awesome. I've seen similar ideas in games, but this one was much more well implemented. Very nice!

A pretty cool game, short and entertaining. Thx for this!

This game had such an amazing design with the calendar.  Also, I'm so upset the I didn't recognize the name Chronos immediately.  I know Greek myth I swear!!


Delightful little game. The puzzles were pretty simple but still pretty satisfying. Short, very well paced and polished, pretty impressive for a week long jam imo. 

I love the creepy beginning! It's very fun and I will definitely play it again.

Really enjoyed the game. First from the day adjustment system to the creepy and slow build up to the endgame revelations. Also loved the details like a rainy day to the small items in the game. Interesting story too, an original one in my opinion. I am a sucker for the art style and the overall atmosphere it sets. Good job devs! Keep making more like this!

A lovely softcore horror game. Very intuitive and easy to understand.


I loved this game :). Took a minute to figure out

Sooooooo... I broke the game ._.
I went in, heard the boss, followed them out.
Immediately checked friday, which made me understand the time mechanics.
Back to monday, found the technician.
Went to next day, got the soldering iron, nothing else.
Back to monday to deliver it.

Went out, and now can't click the day thingie...


Truthfully I loved this game! The inspired concept, overall design, and mysteriously time-based gameplay was all-in-all a winner in my book! Keep up your incredible work.


I wasn't expected it to be as good as it was! The plot got me by surprise. The mechanics were pretty smart, and the ending was actually creepy! Very simple, but so well made! I loved it!

I freaked out, BUT I also loved the game!

this was really fun, i enjoyed this short little game, the whole concept about traveling thru different days to solve the puzzles was quite fun. im definitely gotta keep my eyes people on your guys work, im looking forward to see what you guys make.  keep up the hard work familia!

I didn't expected the twist, I only realized the clues after the game. More games like this please

This game blow me up the story is good the dilogues are good the solution are smart and its verry inspirating




First off I love the style of this game (then again I'm a sucker for point and click puzzles lol). The story line is really fascinating for how short the game is. I would 100% recommend :)


how you get the four numbers of the elevator


look at the newspaper closely

Awesome little game :) I wrote a spoiler-free review for anyone who wants to know more before playing it, but the bottom line is, you should play it!

Very goood game! it could be longer but I like it.


This game is absolutely great, but I wish there was a machine than a calendar.

Great game!

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