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i realy like this game i wish ther was more but im not complaining it awesome


this is awesome! i love how the game starts connecting and when you have to learn things yourself!


This was a really nice experience! I'm usually not great with horror games, but I really liked this one. The atmosphere was really great, and I loved the time mechanic! I don't think I've ever seen a game quite like it before. I'm looking forward to more games <3

Hey, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

this was dope!

The story, the concept, and the gameplay as so well done! The way the character can go through all the days made the puzzles more unique than other games and it was also melded really well by having seasons and reasons to the items. The way the music comes out of nowhere when something is revealed was a good use of the music as most of the time things sounds the same. The simple graphics really accentuate the story and the usage of plot and in  subtle way really bring the player into the game. 

Overall, it was an amazing game and had so much fun playing it!

This was great! Short, creepy, simple, and straightforward. A good story despite the limitations of the medium.

This was fun!

Really good game!

This was a nice, weird, creepy experience. I wonder if there's the option to save [spoiler]. Hmmm...

Amazing! the story is original and interesting! not that creepy though

Loved it!

doesnt give me an option to donate :(


When you kill time 😂 

                              👇 👇


saw 8-bitryan play this

This was an amazing game, i loved it. The puzzles are really fun :)

I killed chronos and survived

this shit slaps holy shit

amazing game! keep it up :)

this game is amazing, i love games like this one, i hope this guy does more games like this one :D

OMG this was such a good game, the little story line was awesome,, its a great idea, very short nd fun game!

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really cool game

I loved this game so much that I made an account just to say that  I loved it

Fun game, if a little buggy in places. Fortunately all of the bugs I ran into went away just by changing rooms.

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(Warning, spoilers in this comment.)

Very cool mechanic with the calendar. Story was a bit spooky and mysterious, good stuff. Left interesting questions unanswered too; I like it.

Like, the "device" might have been what helped screw with time? What causes days to repeat? A mixture of Clockheart and the device? After the "ending", how much time passed once we left? What does the world outside look like?

Really enjoyed this~.


i enjoyed the game just was really sad that simone died :'(


OMG THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN! I love the concept and the mechanics of the game! I really enjoyed playing it!


Loved It!


*chuckles* I'm in danger.


stop calling me ballsack


please I'm begging you


did they stop...?


stop what ballsack?


I think they did.

balls ack



F in the chat for Simone












Love the concept of the game, pretty fun and creepy at the same time, very good

this was actually pretty cool, i loved it :DDD


I love the concept behind this game. Would love to see it on a bigger scale somehow. Great puzzle and story.

Good game. Nice plot and visuals. 

This is actually a really nice game!

Despite being short, it had a nice atmosphere (especially in the end) and decent puzzles (not hard, but nicely done).

idk how to stop being in a loop of the same week

Check the walkthrough in the description.


ty it rlly helped bc i found it hard but ive finished it now its a great game B)


Very cool concept and great artwork! This game really gets that short and sweet creepy horror vibe, and I love the puzzles. Thanks for sharing!

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