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Very goood game! it could be longer but I like it.


This game is absolutely great, but I wish there was a machine than a calendar.

Great game!

I can't use  the PLay in Browser function. (It doesn't even load.)(Mac)

(Same device)  Worked fine for me.  =/

Same here, just shows the loading sign for eternity. :(

I'm on Windows and it doesn't load

sulu mon boss

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Bruh our bos mr clock man made me have a heartattack in the dark xD
(edit: i meant the first part of the game)

Bug report: When the boss manages to catch you down the elevator, you will respawn without the item bar following you. I fixed it by going up and down the lift again.

Really enjoyed this one, the concept is very interesting.


is a sorting game but the concept is very nice

This Game Was Awesome Keep It Up...



Simple yet fantastic experience. This was simply a great project and I can’t wait to see more.

I love this game its mechanic with time, honestly one of the coolest mechanics I've seen in quite a bit

Starts at 34:45

The main mechanic in great!

Hello Devs, I want to say that this is a really good game with fun mechanics and the plot is engaging though it is short It was really good experience. Love from India

really cool  game!

"His face is a time?!" Needless to say, I was taken off guard. Interesting and fun game :) 

I enjoyed this. The puzzle elements were fun and cool, and I never felt bored or frustrated.

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*immediately clicks the clock*

...In all seriousness I love this tho


remove the L in clock 

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Big Troll moment (how did you put the trollface in the coment?)

Had a lot of fun with this.  Great work!
You could put the true ending when you try to go out the exit door on Friday (rest day).

Nice game !

This really was a wonderful game. It was well put together and polished nicely! I actually forgot about the clock and bugged my game out, but it's all good. 


elevator code?


0527 (May 27 on the newspaper)


That was great I loved it!!

This was honestly so much fun! Love the time aspect and playing around with it to go back and forth! The story was fantastic, and the creepiness behind it all was amazing! An amazing game!

really enjoyed this one, loved the background story behind it all, very well done


Well done! I loved this game a lot!


This game was awesome! Good job 


i haven't tried yet tho

i normally hate horror but im ready to try anything

Super neat! Loved the puzzle aspect and how everything was connected in some way! Really makes you examine everything closely!

Made a video

Love the concept and the story was interesting! Really like the work week concept as well tho I think I'll try to avoid jobs that are stuck in a time loop.

Did I just kill time? xd

Beautiful game.

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